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Homeschool Partnership

Building Homeschool family partnerships with the Southeast Christian School community to support the body of Christ through developing spiritual, educational, social, and  athletic based relationships for all. 


Building Homeschool family partnerships with the Southeast Christian School community to support the body of Christ through homeschooling developing spiritual, educational, social, and athletic based relationships for all.

Homeschool Programs

There are two partnership tracks for K-8 homeschool families: immersion or a 1 day enrichment program meeting weekly on Wednesdays, excluding school holidays. The Immersion Track allows families to select one or more core content subjects integrated with Southeast Christian School students. The Enrichment Track provides a half day or full day option to engage with peers in a variety of Christ-centered instructional opportunities.

General Fees

Online Application Fee  (non-refundable)

Registration Fee per family (non-refundable)

Background Check (Mandatory)

Umbrella Program (State Reporting on your behalf)

Evaluations 3 Times per Year (mandatory for umbrella program for grades 3, 5, and 7)

Chapel is always open to our homeschool friends who have met the requirements for program participation.

$30 per student

$60 per semester

$25 per parent

$75 per year

$150 per year


Immersion Track: Families select one or more core content offerings

Elementary Core Literacy or Math Only (75 min blocks daily)

Middle School Core Class (45 min block daily)  *Bible     *Language Arts     *Math *Science    *Social Studies

Middle School Elective (45 min block daily) *Robotics     *Art *Music/Worship Team     *Athletics *Guitar

$1,250 per semester

$750 per class per semester

$750 per class per semester

Enrichment Track: Track options are 8 am to 12 pm for half day and 8 am to 3:20 pm full day (Wednesdays only)

Half Day Enrichment Program

Full Day Enrichment Program

$50 per month

$100 per month

Add On Items

Middle School Athletic Fees and Participation

Literacy, Math or Dyslexia Intervention 2 thirty min. sessions per wk

Middle School Camp Elim for 1 student and 1 chaperone

4th/5th grade Camp Elim for 1 student and 1 chaperone

4th/5th Ameritowne (Social Studies/Civics Master Project)

$300 per sport

$400 per semester





All add on options are based on availability of open student positions per grade level (classroom is not at capacity) and course offerings per year.

The umbrella program will provide the mandatory reporting to Douglas County School District and Colorado Department of Education. Parents must complete a Curriculum Plan and submit a calendar of instructional days to complete their application.

Homeschool families participating in any of the above services:

  • Must submit an application and all current assessment data.
  • Must sign the Parent/Student Handbook, Statement of Faith, all other forms in the enrollment and application process, and successfully complete a background check.
  • Must submit either an updated immunization record for each student or statement of exemption.
  • Will pay a  semester enrollment fee to engage in program options through Southeast Christian School.
  • Will commit for one semester.
  • Must participate in literacy and/or math assessment prior to admission into a core classroom program option for appropriate placement.
  • Must be in uniform for all school activities which includes solid colored pants and solid polo shirt.
  • Must, as a parent, volunteer 5 hours per semester or pay volunteer fee.
  • May participate in Middle School Service Learning Days.
  • Must participate in school fundraisers by raising funds in order to attend PCO community events such as Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Event, Family Community Nights, etc.
  • Will file a notification of intent to homeschool with the details of the established home-based education program with the school district in which they reside.
  • If a family chooses to participate in a school field trip, then they will pay the organizing teacher per the field trip communication given to all families.
  • If a 4th/5th grade family chooses to participate in AmeriTowne, a parent would be required to attend a parent orientation at AmeriTowne. The students would be required to attend the AmeriTowne shoppe training for two days prior to the actual event. 

Umbrella Program:

  • Parents must complete a Curriculum Plan and a Calendar of Projected hours/days. CO law states that home school programs must include the subjects of reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, history, civics, literature, science, and regular courses of instruction in the constitution of the United States. The selection of the curriculum is at the discretion of the parent overseeing home schooling.
  • Home school programs must have no less than 172 days of instruction, averaging 4 contact hours per day. A calendar of instruction days must be included with your enrollment application. Here is a link to a Google Calendar that you could make a copy of and adjust to use.
  • Students are required by law to be tested in 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades. Testing results must be submitted to the school district in which the student resides.

Athletic Participation:

  • Must be a member of the full day homeschool program.
  • Must try out for an available spot on the team.
  • May not displace a full time student.
  • Must attend all practices.
  • Must pay all athletic fees.
  • Must be in good academic standing according to homeschool grade reports.

Homeschool Coordinator: Tracey Longest

Head of School: Michelle Davis



Tentative Wednesday Program Schedule:  Half Day am only or Full Day am and pm

8:00 am to 12:00 pm: Morning Motions (Engage your brain activities), Chapel, Project-based Cooperative Learning, Technology, Lunch, and Recess

12:00 pm to 3:20 pm: Library, STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Art & Math), Art/Music/PE, and Recess