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Soli Deo Gloria

translation: For the Glory of God Alone!

Core Competencies

  • Academics: The pursuit of knowledge in content areas for the glory of God alone.
  • Arts: The pursuit of beauty and the object of our worship found in the glory of God alone.
  • Athletics: The care and stewardship of our bodies for the glory of God alone.


  • Service: Equipping students to serve others with their unique giftedness for the glory of God alone.
  • Excellence: Model excellence in all areas as we prepare students to transition academically to higher education for the glory of God alone.
  • Christian Leadership: Demonstrate Christian leadership in praxis and practice for the glory of God alone.


Motto: “Soli Deo Gloria”

One of the five “solas” born out of the Protestant Reformation, soli deo gloria became a central rallying cry of the Reformers. It literally translates “for the glory of God alone.” Composer, J.S. Bach was known to sign his compositions with his name and the initials “S.D.G.” (soli deo Gloria).

Philosophically, this phrase points us to the reality that we are called to surrender all aspects of our life to the domain and glory of God. This encompasses knowing and functioning from a biblical worldview as well as seeing all content/competency areas through this lens. If we, as an educational institution, live “soli deo gloria” then math is not just numbers and patterns. Math, instead, becomes one discipline (amongst many) which, mastered, points to the glory of God alone. Likewise, music is not just learning to sing or recognizing tone, pitch, or terminology. As Bach declared, “the aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”

When soli deo gloria is applied to one’s life, every facet of life (or an entire institution) should be dynamically different. The answer to every question can be found in this one motto. Why do we do what we do? Simply… for the glory of God alone!

"We Are Enabling Children To Find Excellence Through Service"

Michelle Davis
Southeast Christian Head of School

We are training students to become the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus!

Tamra Fris
Southeast Christian Asst. Principal

We are here to disciple and equip students to become leaders in their world and to find their purpose in Christ's unique call on their lives.

Nathan Teigland
Southeast Christian Asst. Principal

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