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Special Education & Intervention Services


Southeast Christian School cherishes all children and has a heart to provide Christian education to children with special needs. It is our desire, and we believe God’s desire, to reach out and serve all the children that we can, including those with learning challenges. It is the desire of our intervention and support services staff to help each student reach his or her God given potential through targeted interventions and classroom supports.

We are not able to service every child with special needs due to the limitations on our finances, expertise, size, facilities, etc. Admission will be based on the extent to which our resources can help your child succeed. Your communication to us about your child’s needs and submission of records and testing information will help us better determine our ability to accommodate his/her challenges. In an effort to make the most informed decision regarding our ability to serve a student, testing must be completed prior to admission. All documentation of prior Early Childhood Services, 504 services, Behavior Intervention Plan, or Individual Education Plan must be received prior to admission.

Southeast Christian School is unable to provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy amongst similar therapies and must be arranged by the parent with an outside organization should these services be needed.

As a private school, Southeast Christian School does not receive any state or federal funding to support a special needs program. Therefore, Southeast Christian School is not legally bound to follow existing educational plans; however, the goals and recommendations will be considered in the development of an Individual Accommodation Plan.

Annual Pricing for Southeast Christian School Support Services

Behavior Intervention Plan and Supports
Intensive Literacy Intervention: Orton Gillingham Method
Intensive Math Intervention: Go Math
Special Education Literacy Instruction
Special Education Math Instruction
Executive Functioning and Resource Supports for General Education Classwork
Annual Costs
$1,000 / $2,000
$1,000 / $2,000
Frequency and Duration
As needed
2 / 4 days per week
2 / 4 days per week
4 days per week
4 days per week
Weekly check ins


All students who receive pull out intervention services, behavior support, or special education services are expected to pay additional tuition based on the intensity and duration of services by the Southeast Christian School support staff.  Availability for all support services is dependent on enrollment and staffing and subject to change from year to year. Intervention services includes some individual and small group interventions.

If a parent is unwilling or unable to agree to the level of services recommended by the Southeast Christian School Administration and Support Team, the school may recommend that a different school be considered for their child’s needs.


Multi-tiered Support Systems (MTSS), Differentiated Learning

A systematic approach to providing a seamless problem solving process that enhances the learning of all children by using consultation and support among all educators-combining the unique talents of both general educators and specialists for the success of ALL students. (In plain English, teachers across the school will be collaborating for student solutions both behaviorally and instructionally and blocking out time for specific instruction for students who are not demonstrating mastery of foundational skills or in need of extensions for advanced academia.) What this means to our teachers and service providers is that students will be pulled from class or supported during inclusion through a strategic method of service provisions and supports.

To begin, all students are assessed with universal screeners: STAR, Math and LIteracy probes, DRA2, etc.

Then, students are assigned specific support groups based on need for a 20 to 30 minute block of time. There are three levels to MTSS Interventions: Tier 1 which is within the classroom time specific to the instructor based on classroom performance; Tier 2 which is either during core instruction or a pull out time and targeted to specific deficits in learning or extensions to push rigor for advanced students; and Tier 3 which is the most intensive and prescriptive intervention provided during pull out to target learning deficits in literacy, writing, or math.

What this means to the students in need of intervention is that they will have flexible, targeted intervention that is brain based and research based to address specific needs according to their diagnosed area of weakness in addition to the fluid provision of supports throughout their day. MTSS are outlined under federal and state umbrellas. (Click here for the state link.) Parents are a critical part of this process and will be included in problem solving meetings to develop the plans for students in need of intensive intervention.


Special Education and Outside Service Providers Policy

Behavioral, Academic, Physical, Social, and Emotional Needs

  • Southeast Christian School accepts children with special needs on a case-by-case basis. Prior to enrollment, Southeast’s administration will review all Care Plans (including medical or psychological) and any existing behavioral, medical, and academic plans to determine if the health, behavioral, and educational needs of a particular child can be met by our support team. Administration will go over the IEP, health plan, or 504 with parents, observe the child, and consult with the teacher to determine if attendance at Southeast Christian School is a good fit and acceptable accommodations can be made.
  • Ongoing communication between parents, teachers, and administration will occur, when needed during the year, to share progress, concerns, and to problem solve. If your child receives early intervention services, please inform the teacher and provide a copy of the IEP, health plan, or 504  so that we may provide a community of care. Once accepted, a student may be released from enrollment should the school and care team determine that specific needs are unable to be met at Southeast Christian School.
  • Should a student be accepted on the basis of parents providing outside service support or paying for a Southeast employee’s support, the support must continue through the duration of enrollment unless agreed upon by the Southeast administrative team.
  • Further assessments may be required.

Outside Service Providers



  • Southeast Christian School collaborates at the parent’s discretion and expense with many outside service providers to best meet the needs of students.
  • All outside service providers must be vetted by Southeast’s Human Resources and follow Southeast’s professional guidelines.